Communication Arts & Sciences and Political Science Senior Scholar, the McCourtney Institute for Democracy
The Pennsylvania State University



I give interviews and talks with some frequency. Occasionally, audio or visual recordings are made available to me. I've provided a few for your entertainment.

Video, Streaming and Otherwise

Connecting small group deliberation with electoral politics: An assessment of the 2010 Oregon Citizens' Initiative Review. This is a research talk I gave November 10, 2010, for the Department of Communication at the University of Washington. This talk is also downloadable here

Brief (5 minute) Australian interview on deliberative democracy. The US Study Centre in Sydney interviewed me about a range of topics. (2/2/2011).

The Past and Future of Empowered Citizen Deliberation on Public Policy. This is a three-part talk I gave via the web for an International Political Science Association conference in Luxembourg. The video was cut into three segments for airing on YouTube: part 1 - part 2 - part 3. (3/19/2010)

Reflections on Democracy. I gave this interview about democratic theory, Italy, and American perceptions of Italian politics after giving a talk in Torino, Italy, during the Biennale Democrazia festival celebrating the pursuit of democracy in Italy and across the world. (4/23/2009)

The Future of Deliberative Democratic Theory and Practice
. I gave this talk to my colleagues at the University of Washington to summarize some of my most recent research on deliberative democratic theory, jury service, and mass deliberation in initiative elections. An error on the recording tape gives it some audio hiccups, but it's completely understandable. The talk will appear in your media player, but you can click here to see the slides that accompany it. Quick update: the legislation I referred to did not, in the end, get a hearing in the 2007 legislative session. (2/21/2007)

Rage Against the Political Machine. This is a story I recently told on SeattleTV regarding my first experience managing a Congressional campaign, back in 1992. You might enjoy it. It concerns my mother's effort to unseat Congressman Duncan Hunter, who is now a Republican Presidential candidate.

Interview on By Popular Demand and public deliberation, conducted by Jim Rough's cable access show, Society's Breakthrough.

Audio Recordings

  • Election eve 2010. Talked about the election and encouraged listeners to call in and help me fill out my mail-in ballot live on the air. (11/1/2010)
  • Campaign rhetoric. Discussed on KUOW-FM's The Conversation. (10/23/2008)
  • Sarah Palin's RNC Convention speech. Discussed on KUOW-FM's The Conversation. (9/4/2008)
  • Sexism and the Clinton campaign. Discussed on KUOW-FM's The Conversation. (5/21/2008)
  • The nation's jury system on trial. Discussed on KUOW-FM's Weekday. (2/27/2008)
  • Interpreting election results. Discussed on KUOW-FM's The Conversation. (11/7/2007)
  • Culture and Gun Control. Utah Public radio (KUER) had me join a conversation about proposed gun laws. I'm on in the last five minutes of an interesting program. (2/26/2007)
  • Scary Campaign Ads. Department of Communication colleague David Domke and I talk about scare tactics and other negative advertising techniques, and we evaluating listeners' own ads on KUOW-FM. (10/31/2006)
  • Appeasers, Islamo Fascists, and Beyond. This conversation on KUOW-FM discusses political catchphrases and slogans. Do they work? (9/5/2006)
  • Recounting the recount. At the time of this interview, a final recount was underway in the race between Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi and Democrat Christine Gregoire.
  • 30 seconds of fame. For your amusement, you can listen to a radio interview featuring Mark Forehand (University of Washington, Department of Marketing) and myself. The interview is on political advertising, and I recommend skipping ahead to the second half, which is more amusing.