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UW Communications BuildingCourses

I have taught seven courses at the University of Washington. This page links you to the most recently posted syllabi for those courses.

Political Deliberation
   Graduate Level (COM 555)
   Undergraduate Level (COM 417)

Small Group Communication
Graduate Level (COM 577)
   Undergraduate Level (COM 373)

Communication Scholarship and Public Life (COM 502) 
This graduate seminar was originally co-designed and taught with Patricia Moy in 2003. Also taught by Gerry Philipsen in 2005 and in 2007-2008 by David Domke. For six years, ending in 2009, this was a required seminar for all graduate students in our department. Click here for more information on the principle of public scholarship.

Communication Theory Development (COM 500)
I co-taught this required graduate seminar with Leah Ceccarelli, adapted from syllabi produced by several other faculty, most recently Kirsten Foot.

Intercultural Communication 
I taught this as a graduate and then as an undergraduate course to introduce students to the work of the Cultural Cognition Project and explore with them the means of potentially bridging this particular cultural divide. The syllabi for both courses are available at the Project website.

Student Projects

Many students in my Political Deliberation course have made contributions to the website, which archives projects in public engagement.

Read the voting guide produced by students in COM 417 for the 2002 Washington State Election.

Op-eds based on analyses done by COM 417 students on mediated deliberation in the 2004 Washington gubernatorial election and the 2008 rematch between the same two candidates.

Wikipedia entries originally developed (or extensively edited) by UW undergrads:
 - Civic journalism
 - National Issues Forums